"That girls got groove like no folksinger I know!"

Matt Smith - Club Passim

Two years out of college, Rama Winslow had an epiphany. She was on her way to becoming an opera singer, and she realized she wanted to be a singer/performer of contemporary music instead. Thus, her path took a sharp turn into the vibrant world of Bostons folk-pop scene.

Music has always been a vital part of Ramas life. As a child growing up in the Boston area with a mom who was fascinated by and invested in studying Hinduism, she was raised surrounded by Indian religious practice and music. Chanting was her favorite part of the rituals she encountered, and this musical sensibility makes its way into her own songwriting. Ramas music is usually based around a groove with melodies encorporating the tonal palette of Indian scales.

Rama is a strong performer with a great sense of fun. She says she enjoys the feeling of "putting on a show" for the audience. In this way, Rama has as much in common with pop artists as she does with more traditional "folk" performers. Thus, she cites Madonna and Bjork as inspirations to her as much as Joni Mitchell or Shawn Colvin.

Rama has been playing at local clubs such as Toad, The Burren, Club Passim, and the Kendall Cafe, where she had a month long residence. After a two year bout with tendonitis, Rama has returned with a vengeance and a CD to show for it. Her recently released debut album "Prey" features solid performances and arrangements of original songs with a host of talented local musicians.

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